by Bad Year

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A special thanks to Harry & Capstan, One Way!, Matt and A Will Away, John Naclerio, Austin Burgess, Felipe, Thomas, Jasper, Jason, Erin, Jeremy, Andrew, and everyone who has ever supported us thus far.


released April 23, 2015

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Harrison Bormann at Torch & Star Studios
Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Recording
Additional vocals on Hazy Moon by Matt Carlson (A Will Away)
Trombone on Roots by Jeremy Hunter (We Are The Union)
Good Enuf Records



all rights reserved


Bad Year Orlando, Florida

Orlando Pop Punk

Joey - Drums
Jared - Bass/Vocals
Glen - Vocals
Evan T - Guitar/Vox

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Track Name: Bad Year
It’s been a bad year
Track Name: 713
I can’t sleep
I see nightmares and no dreams
I don’t want to die again
and I don’t wanna see my friends die again
and I guess you’re up there,
with the things that keep me up at night
and I’m always alone
and I guess tonight
I won’t get back all those hours
I spent thinking of the past
can't sleep early. can't sleep in late.
lying in bed, but wide awake
wasting all my nights away
I don't call this my place my own
I pay the bills but i'm so alone
and this empty feeling is everything i've ever known
Thinking about
What makes me drown
I can't turn it around
All of my priorities
Are in all of the wrong places
My sweaty palms and
stomach pains
Are always keeping me awake
I just caught myself thinking
How bad of a year it's been
I have been stuck in ( 713 )
A year of self hatred ( in privacy )
I’m glad that I left ( 713 )
and I’m not ever looking back
I have been stuck in ( 713 )
A year of self hatred ( in privacy )
I’m glad that I left ( 713 )
and with it left behind the worst version of me
[I can't stop thinking how bad of a year it's been]
Track Name: Honesty
I love too many objects and get attached to other people too quick
[ way too fucking quick ]
Honestly I can’t confront any of my own issues head on
[what does that say about me ]
I can’t run away forever
I’m falling apart trying to hold it all together
Maybe if I keep saying that I am a good person I’ll finally believe it someday
Maybe If I keep saying that I am happy I’ll finally believe it someday
lately I've been angry, I've been not me. I've been staying up too late.
I’m tired of ignoring all my problems until they go away
[ I need to just go to sleep and pray
that tomorrow I can stand on my own two feet]
[self doubt got the best of me i guess.
ill never bet on my honesty again]
Track Name: Hazy Moon (feat. Matt Carlson)
[This Florida heat is cracking down on me
and I still can’t see who I’m supposed to be]
I've heard that a broken heart is what changes people
well mine is in a thousand fragments and I still haven’t changed
I’m tired of saying that I don't need a single thing
when the truth is that I wish I fucking owned it all
I thought I left this feeling in last year; I thought I stopped being anxious
I guess I was just distracted by the few good things that happened
Like going to Jax with Eric
or making songs with my best friends
I need to take responsibility for my actions
I’m selfish.
I’m lonely.
I’m way too Stubborn to make a change
I’m nervous all of the time, and really for no reason
this Florida heat is cracking down on me
and I still can’t see who I’m supposed to be
life moves way too quick and I'm stuck going 35 in the fast lane
I guess I’ll never catch up
Being isolated in my room made me realize
I could be a better person if I tried just a little harder
sometimes everything around you changes at once
and you end up staying the same
it's a wake up call. That's how life is.
Track Name: Taft Street (Acoustic)
Are you sure you’ve completely cleared your mind?
because the way you look at me makes it seem otherwise
I don’t mean to put you on the spot, I just wanted to make sure
that the feelings that you left are in the past for good
Maybe it’s just in my head , And I just wanted to go back
to the way we were 2 years ago. Maybe it’s just in my head
and nothing’s changed since you got bored of me
I think it’s time that I let go of the simple things that have
kept me from growing. And maybe tomorrow
when I wake up with a clear head, I can finally think about
all the things I want to say ( to you )
Sometimes I think I’ll be alone forever
As I walk down taft street; my mind, it starts racing
with all the memories of how it used to be
Track Name: Roots (feat. Jeremy Hunter)
currently there is no present reason for me to be
caught up in all the things that you said when you weren't sober
I'm tired of converting sadness to anger My heart just can’t take anymore
Every day I’m digging at the roots just to find out what is wrong with me
Everyone always talks about being numb
and I wonder what it feels like because I’m always overthinking
Everyone always talks about having their life together
but I've never felt that way
don't think that I can't do things for myself because I don't have life figured out